Pedophiles are men who like PRE-PUBESCENT children. The attraction to pubescent girls is hebephilia. Yes, I know the media just doesn't want to bother with the correct term, but as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and trafficking, I feel like it takes away from the knowledge of what pedophilia really is. It's simply not the same thing. Also, are you not aware that Trump cut off all ties with Epstein years before the guy was outed and provided information to help girls build cases against him. It's confirmed true. Please, get your info straight. Also, there's real skepticism regarding Prince Andrew, as photoshop experts are speaking up on the photo of him and Virginia.

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there's an independently-made documentary online somewhere which makes a pretty strong case re dynamo having been gifted abilities light years beyond any that could be developed naturally.

in fact i remember noticing at the time how his 'act' appeared so impossible it actually made me feel uneasy, as though viewing it might somehow implicate you too in the terms of any 'contract' he'd signed.

was all very odd...

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