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Hopefully Musk will take Twitter in another direction. As for the others, they should be shunned at a minimum. Unfortunately there are no penalties in federal law for Bill of Rights infringements; on the other hand how would you enforce such strictures when it's the government doing the infringing?

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What you say is unfortunately true.

It's like playing with that kid on the playground who keeps changing the rules and everyone hates them. I'm very curious to see what lawsuits come out of this and what actions -- if any, though I have to imagine some! -- will come from this.

I'll continue to report on this and do my part, and support any legal action that takes place.

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I think most of us are tired of being lied to by governments. We can't fight them at this point, they're too damn big. Protesting doesn't work anymore either since when we demand that government do something, they do. Food, water, energy, money, we have voted for them to control it all. We give them our power when we ask them to do anything. Imagine a world without Rulers. Every time we vote to have our will forced on that guy, well, next term that guy is gonna vote to have his will forced on you, and round and round we go. Government gets bigger and bigger...

Stop voting for more government and leave their constructs completely. Just leave.

First of all, stop using messengers that can be spied on, censored, shut down, groups and communities banned, etc (whatsapp, telegram, fedbook..). Try Session messenger: https://getsession.org (the call quality too btw is outstanding). Session uses the Oxen blockchain.

Stop using twitter, try https://d.buzz (they now use the Hive blockchain).

Like blogging? Try https://ecency.com (they also use the Hive blockchain now)

Want to live free? Find an expat, permaculture, crypto, and/or free energy community group near you on meetup.com, craigslist, fedbook, etc. It's usually free and the firends you make at these local groups will pull you through all this crap. Stop being extorted!

The sooner we stop using platforms that rely on some corporation (like the UNITED STATES (all caps intentional)), the better. Decentralised, free, open source platforms are the way to go imo.

#web3 #free-markets

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It should be acknowledged that little of this likely emanated from "leaked" information recovered by The Intercept. Most of it likely came from discovery in the lawsuit filed by the Missouri attorney general.

At its inception, The Intercept had a laudable and lofty goal of being a media outlet free of corporate and government influence. That was suspect from the get-go, since it was almost 100% funded by noted leftist, Pierre Omidyar (founder of eBay).

One also has to acknowledge The Intercept's own role in promoting disinformation and suppressing truth. When Twitter, Facebook and others suppressed the NY Post story about the Hunter Biden laptop, Glenn Greenwald (one of the founders of The Intercept, and still with that outfit at the time) wanted to write about it. The heavy left crowd at The Intercept wouldn't permit it -- siding instead with the phony narrative that '50 former intelligence professionals said it had all the hallmarks of Russian disinformation,' even though it was transparently obvious this was rubbish. Even before then, the majority of The Intercept's coverage (with the exception of Greenwald) uncritically promoted the "Russia collusion" fiction that gripped its corporate media peers.

Greenwald had to resign from the entity he founded, with the goal of eliminating corporate and government influence, to get the laptop story out.

That's The Intercept we're talking about, and the data they're reporting largely is the work product of a Republic Attorney General that The Intercept maligns at every opportunity.

It's good this information is coming out, even though The Intercept deserves little credit for it.

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While I agree with both the sentiment and vast majority of the content of this piece, I'd hesitate to recommend a Covid vaccine to ANYONE (except a handful of mice). Being both aged and with multiple co-morbidities would still lead to a questionable decision to be jabbed (God forbid multiple times). While the risk quotient (using even the shitty data that has been made available via FOIA) seems lower for my age group, the damage unleashed by replicating spike protein throughout the body is only starting to be comprehended. At the end of this era, we'll almost certainly find the government interventions, lock downs, the suppression of early care and the push to market untested vaccines to virtually everyone, regardless of risk or age, will be right up there with actions of Nazi Germany and will probably require both civil and medical trials as was the case in Nuremburg. Albert Bourla - rot in hell and take that little fuck Anthony Fauci with you.

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Covid was a masterclass in becoming a dystopia I only read about as a kid.

So weird to see it come to fruition.

However, I'm glad their are freedom fighters like you, me, and the readers of this pub; also you earned yourself a sub! Interested to see what you write.

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