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Gary Sheng: Christ is King, Religion at Google, Web3

Happy Easter

Gary Sheng is a Forbes 30 Under 30 creator and Civic Entrepreneur focused on empowering those who are setting the stage for a Golden Age of humanity.

He has also worked for Google, Flipboard, Pocket, Gitcoin, Output (once the biggest club in NYC) and co-founded his most recent venture, Edge City—a pop-up village moving around the world connecting artists, creators, entrepreneurs and those who work in the Web3 space.

What would surprise you about Gary is his strong convictions in his beliefs. In this ep, we discuss being religious in Silicon Valley, whether technology is bad for humanity, love through spirituality, and how “society is not guaranteed.”

Excuse the weird transition after the intro; we had early technical difficulties.

For those who don’t know, after reading Dostoevsky in my early 20s and discovering Jordan Peterson’s Genesis lectures, I found that the Bible is the most important book in my life.

“Love must come before logic” - Aloysha from Brothers Karamazov

I have no problem with anyone with different beliefs; I’m a student of philosophy who has found so much love and wisdom in Taoism, Greek philosophy, Nietzsche, the Jungian school of thought, meditation, and hell, I’ll throw David Lynch in there as someone who has impacted my epistemology.

But I do think you’ll find something interesting about this episode, no matter what you believe. I hope you enjoy it! Happy Easter.

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