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Is This WW3, Following the Taliban, Ukraine, With Filmmaker Tasos Karantakos

Well this is unexpected

Hey y’all. Today I’m talking to Tasos Karantakos, a Greek independent filmmaker and artist who has documented the Ukraine War, the Taliban — yes, the Taliban — several remote tribes in Indonesia and Africa, and hitchhiked all through Mexico.

We talk about:

  • Not believing mainstream narratives

  • Israel and if he will go there

  • Ukraine and the unpopular narratives about Putin, Russia.

  • Having the Mexican army interrogate him

  • How to become a filmmaker

You don’t want to miss this one.

We talked before the Iran conflict broke out, but many things will apply to that war. I’ll also be writing about it this week. Stay tuned.

Please also subscribe to his YouTube channel “Unseen Voices” and follow his IG. Their mission to “Give a Voice to 100 Communities Around the World.”

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