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Crypto Bull Run 2024, George Orwell, GameFi with CEO Dan Bedford

And our 2024 price prediction for BTC + ETH


On today’s episode of Yard Couch, I’m thrilled to introduce a friend and a maverick in the tech industry, Dan Bedford.

Dan is the CEO and brain behind DB Games and big tech consulting company Connexion, carving out new paths where technology meets human potential.

Our friendship kicked off during NFT.NYC 2023, a connection sparked between puffs of smoke on my rooftop, indulging in some of the best food you could imagine, and witnessing Dan’s unique talent of opening a beer with his teeth.

Dan’s story is one of inspiration; from a software engineer at Google to pioneering his venture, Connexion.

Today we’re going to talk about the 2024 crypto bull run, big tech surveillance/censorship and where the gaming industry is heading.


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