The eternal debate between a literal God Almighty and the philosophical construct of God as a societal necessity. The beginning of Wisdom is the fear of God.

But what type of fear? And which God?

Yung tried to rationalize the belief in God. And also the need for morals given to men by a greater being.

But Carl also presented a God who was not all-knowing, and thus fallable. A fallable God is a God whose moral guidance is suspect.

I believe in a literal God Almighty, who is both intimately personal and vast enough to create and know the entire universe. Such a God would not be blind to human suffering and 'evil' (however one defines the term).

God has spoken out loud to me 3 times. (Trust me when I say your life only gets harder when He speaks directly to you.)

I love your writing, Isaiah. Keep going!

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Awesome rundown

“Whenever I talk about the unconscious, I’m talking about God.” - That was the Jung quote that acted as a new game plus and had me rereading his work.

Also, if you like Jung, def check out some of his first wave of students. Especially Marie-Louie von Franz. Some of her work hit me harder than Jung.

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'been meaning to look at Jung for some time. You tipped me over the edge, bought three on Amazon. Thanks! I think.

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Brilliant update I really enjoyed that. I’m reading current Jung’s Answer to Job and it is fantastic beyond words.

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