I'd like to nuke those images also. It's difficult to eat healthy here in the US, especially if you have friends and family who insist on eating out, and don't care if they eat healthy or not.

Most of the US requires getting from Point A to Point B by vehicle. As an example for me, the nearest grocery is 5 miles away, the road isn't safe to ride my bike or walk. I am trying to get my husband to move to a more pedestrian friendly area. He's used to living rural, I'm not. I've lived here in Michigan for four years, it's one of the most unhealthy places I've lived in.

I envy you're living in NY, sorry it's so expensive you're forced to leave.

Any ideas where you're thinking of moving to? Share, please! We are relocating when my husband retires, I'm researching moving to another country, not sure he'll be on board with that as of yet.

Good read, as always.

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Moderation is the key! That’ what my doctors always tell me during check-ups. “Moderation in everything,” they say. “Even street drugs from scary looking dealers?” I ask. “No, not in that instance!” They know I’m being tongue-in-cheek. You can eat 100% certified organic free-trade sourced cinnamon rolls three times a day, but chances are you’ll get pretty sick!

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