I’m hoping to visit Japan next year or at least by 2025. It’s somewhere I’ve been wanting to go to for quite some time in my life.

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I LOVE this article. I don't eat fast food, ice cream, or drink soda, and I'm still heavy for my age and size. I'm convinced there are massive amounts of chemicals and salt in EVERYTHING except the rarest of raw food from the produce section. These chemicals are hormone disruptions.

You mention working out. I can't hit the gym and do cardio anymore than I'm already doing. Joints, ligaments, and tendons are compromised and suffering.

We are a big country. We pretty much must drive everywhere. The grocery is 5-miles from my house. In the winter I can't ride my bike or walk on ice. Still. We sit for work, entertainment, and whatever else we find to do. I've never sat so much in my life as the past 5-years. I'm 65 and FIGHTING obesity with everything I've got, pretty much to no avail. I'm seriously tempted to move to another country for health and medical reasons.

I love the US but it doesn't love me too much... it's a battle to stay healthy, financially above water, and stay de-stressed.

Thanks for a great read.

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Great Article. For myself, I used to be plant based but never felt really good so after reading LOTS, I eat a more KETO style. Very low carb, avoid sugar. And be a fat burner! I hardly ever eat out. If you want a burger go to Costco and get their grass-fed burgers and cook them at home. And yes walking is the best!

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