I wrote a product teardown of Airchat a week ago and echoed many of your sentiments.

I particularly agree with your #2 point. Having your voice on there adds a layer of authenticity. You have your name, your picture, and your voice. It's a trifecta that almost forces you to be more honest and authentic, IMO.

You might resonate with some of my thoughts, too: https://alexdebecker.substack.com/p/product-teardown-airchat

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Love this update! Anything Naval Ravikant touches turns to gold. He was my (virtual) guru who got me interested and started into crypto. I took a masterclass with him back in 2016. Can you imagine a (then) 58-year old female living in the middle of nowhere, with no tech, computer science, or financial background who never went to college getting involved in crypto with Naval? Haha, nobody else could either. He changed my life. I hope Airchat succeeds, that likely won't be something I'll ever be involved in at this stage of my life.

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