Just read something on Quora about this and needless suffering. It's criminal that heroic measures are being put into place with lack of concern for quality/pain or financial burden. It should not be a crime to choose death over pain and suffering. I don't know that I would have the cajones to do so, but I want the option open to me. What I do know is that we should be given a choice and opportunities to do so, if the situation lends it self to nothing but pain and suffering. We are given so much in the way of keeping us alive... and sometimes doctors have ego and/or financial gain hindering their decisions for (quality) medical care, and what's best for the patient and family. I know it's a fine line being crossed, but in today's 2023 bullshit we "can" be subjected to decions against our will at someone else's whim. It would behoove us to look into options and the law further.

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Legal/Smeagol if I'm terminal, I'll be punching out on my own terms. What are they going to do, put my body in jail?

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My wife and I have argued about this.

If I ever get to the point where I'm no good to others, when I can't help or provide meaningful service or make a difference in this world, then let me go.

Long before I need to be bathed or fed by others - or (God forbid) have to wear diapers - I'll find a way to check out of this world in a dignified way. I can't stand the thought of being a burden on my loved ones (or the state, for that matter).

On the other hand, I don't want the state to have any reason to pressure me into going before my time is up.

Too many times evil comes disguised as help...

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