I think there’s a pretty deep existential question here: how many PEOPLE are basically just executing on social programming from school, media, etc, and are essentially just parroting values someone told them to believe in brief, shallow discussions between monotonous work shifts where they show up at a certain time to do a certain thing, day after day, with little deviation?

What separates us from bots or from “artificial intelligence?”

Is it our ability to understand the expectations placed on us and then refuse to comply (in another word, sin)?

Is it our ability to process data from our experiences and learn from it in order to formulate responses to different stimuli?

I think there’s a certain amount of room to argue that a lot of people aren’t much better than bots -- unable to engage with the world with anything other than a fixed perspective that was imposed on them by someone / something else.

Dead internet? Or dead collective consciousness?

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Isaiah, did you piss off the Amazon gods? Your ebook is currently unavailable for purchase. Any link to an alternate source, any epub format is fine.

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