It’s sad Americans have become so disillusioned with politics there is no outrage. This goes way beyond party.

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"I half-expect Sam Harris or CNN to put out a video saying, "Well, Trump didn't collude with the Russians, but hypothetically, if he did collude with the Russians, then we would have been perfectly justified in wanting him out of office. So therefore, I was never wrong about anything.""

Pithy and insightful. Very Dave Smith-like. ;-) That's exactly what these people will say.

Call me black pilled, but this is exactly what I expected from Durham, particularly given that he was appointed by Bill Barr, a consummate Deep Stater. Did you notice what Durham prosecuted Sussman for? Lying to the FBI!?!? Now, Durham releases a report that shows the FBI was in on it the whole time. Lying to the FBI??? They were leading the con. Of course you're not going to get a conviction. And that was the whole point: Feign the appearance of seeking justice while letting this whole thing blow over and all the statutes of limitation expire.

I'm not outraged by the Durham report. It's what I expected. In my opinion, it's more productive to think about your next moves given the fact that the State is utterly corrupt. There will be consequences. There always are. This is just further proof that we're deep into the Fourth Turning. All just my opinion.

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