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Thank you Isaiah for calmly explaining the situation. Oh, and I am aJew.

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Thank you for this comment Daniel :) truly a testing time for Americans and really all of us around the world to speak up.

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Now they're proposing legislation to place protestors on a 'no fly' list. https://libertarianinstitute.org/news/senate-bill-seeks-to-place-campus-protests-on-no-fly-list/

I don't recognize this country any more. Disgusting.

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Very well written, love your humorous sense amidst the chaos.

What I find hysterical is how many "conservative Christians" go from saying we shouldn't fund Ukraine war and the media is lying, then jump on the boat the MSM is rowing for Israel by saying this is a war blessed by God and swallow the whole medias load and still licks their lips for more.

So are they against us funding wars or pro-funding the wars?

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