I can relate to the first point. During the weekend I don't feel like talking to anyone besides my wife.

It's exhausting to be "on-call" 18 hours per day, having to answer friends and family members within 30 minutes, otherwise you're labelled as "the asshole"

For the rest of the article, I agree 100%. I think people see themselves as a worker above all else. So they can't disconnect. And the higher you climb, the worse it gets.

Side note on selfie-editing: it's funny how this permeated to the corporate world. Teams now has a function to "smooth" out your face. And if you don't like your face at all, you can swap for a memoji. It just reinforces the message that "you have flaws. Use tech to hide those flaws and become your most fake self".

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The future of humanity is offline.

Because if we don't unplug, we'll go extinct.

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Sep 21Liked by Isaiah McCall

There's always trouble when it's more important to be liked or popular. Competing for "likes" does a lot of damage when so many people today do not value mannered, considerate behavior and respect for truths discovered through temperate dialogue, inquiry, reflection and judicious application. The speed and pervasiveness of technology magnifies any ill effects. Values and self-discipline have always been keys, today more so than ever in order to properly harness technology.

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